Tired of putting in the work - but not getting the results you feel you deserve?

You feel overwhelmed by all the content you need to create to build your online audience.

But it’s hard to stay consistent with your content when you’re running a business.

And your confidence has been knocked by getting poor engagement (and sales) on your social media posts.

Leaving you wondering whether it’s worth bothering at all.

It feels hard to admit that you’re struggling – because you’re successful in other parts of your life/business

If this sounds familiar... please be kind to yourself

No one starts a business and ‘knows’ how to create amazing content. 

It’s a skill that has to be learned and practised. And there’s always something new to learn – no matter how long you’ve been in business. 

And running an online business can feel messy.

Perfectionism, fear, self-doubt and other mindset stuff can stop you showing up online in the way that’s best for you.

I know – because I’ve been there too.

How I can help

I’m Janet Murray and I’ve helped thousands of coaches, creative and entrepreneurs learn how to create engaging content – so they can build their online audience and make more sales in their business. 

I’m also a podcaster and keynote speaker who has spoken all over the world about content marketing and building online audiences. 

Work with me and I’ll teach you the strategies I’ve used to grow a multi six figure online business, selling digital products (including Ebooks, online courses and two membership sites). And launch a physical product – the Social Media Diary & Planner, which has sold thousands of copies, all over the world.

My 'no BS' promise to you...

I won't...

I will...


Don't take it from me...

…here’s what my clients say about working with me

Before I started working with Janet I was making £0k a month for my product business. This quickly rose to £1k a month. I also added 1k Instagram followers. People think product businesses don’t need to content to make sales…but they absolutely do!
Puvan Briah
Founder, MBT Candles
I tried to launch an online course, but didn’t sell many - because I didn’t have a big enough audience to sell to. Since working with Janet I’ve build my audience (and my email list), launched a podcast and made over £5k in sales of digital products/services. Everyone loves the idea of selling online courses/memberships. But if you don’t put in the time/effort needed to build an audience you won’t be able to sell them!
Sally Farrant
Pricing expert & coach
I was making enough money as a clinical psychologist - but most of that time was spent face-to-face with clients. I felt I could make more impact on mental health if I could reach more people. With Janet’s help, I launched a membership programme for clinical psychologists and generated £12k in income from my first launch. I’m so happy that I can reach more people with my work (and help others do the same). PLUS it’s given me time back to spend with my family.
Dr Rosie Gilderthorp
Clinical Pyschologist

Wondering how you can work with me?
This might help...

Need help with content creation/ planning?

Need to generate more engagement on your content?

Need to grow your audience (i.e. followers, fans, subscribers)?

Need help converting followers into buyers? Or want to work with me 1-2-1?