How to create a coaching/consultancy package



Do you offer coaching, consulting and/training and find yourself spending hours creating bespoke proposals every time a prospective client gets in touch?

Or perhaps you’d like to offer coaching, consulting and training but you’re not sure what you should be offering. So you keep procrastinating about it and never actually get anything done!

It could be that you’ve not followed up on requests for coaching/consultancy in the past, because you didn’t know what to offer and how much to charge (no shame by the way – been there, done that!).

Here’s what you’ll learn in the 60 minute class:

  • How many services/packages you should offer
  • How to structure your coaching/consultancy packages
  • How to price your coaching/consultancy packages
  • Whether to put your prices on your website.

Plus I share some tips on where/how to find your ideal clients.

This masterclass will help to save you tons of time – so you’re not constantly having to reinvent the wheel every time a prospective client approaches you about working together. You also get a swipe files (sample copy).