How to create and sell your own Power Hour



Fed up with people asking if they can pick your brain….who don’t seem to want to pay for your time? 

You need to create a Power Hour – an online consultancy session where you give specific advice/guidance…and actually get paid for it.

The great thing about a Power Hour is that you can ‘productise’ i.e. turn it into a rinse/repeat process that you go through with every customer who books one (saving you tons of time).

And that’s exactly what you’ll learn in my masterclass on: how to create and sell your own Power Hour.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the class:

  • How to decide on a topic for your Power Hour
  • What to include in your Power Hour 
  • How to create an automated process for your Power Hour, so customers can book directly into your calendar (and pay) and get instructions on how prepare for the call
  • How to plan the content for Power Hour (so you can rinse/repeat – every time) 
  • What to charge for your Power Hour (the golden question!) 

You’ll also get tons of cheat sheets, checklists and templates you can use to ensure your Power Hour is a success.