How to create testimonials that sell advanced masterclass



Do you struggle to get compelling testimonials from your clients?

Perhaps you feel awkward about asking your clients/customers to give them. 

Or get frustrated chasing clients who promise testimonials – but don’t deliver. 

Maybe your clients/customers DO send you testimonials, but they don’t generate sales for your business. You’re not sure whether the content of your testimonials is the problem – or the way you’re using them in your marketing.

If any of this sounds familiar, you’ll love my masterclass on how to create testimonials that sell. 

Here’s how you’ll benefit from taking part :

✔️ You’ll get my testimonial templates (audio and video) so you know exactly what to information to include

✔️ You’ll get access to my testimonial request email templates (so you’ll never feel awkward about asking for a testimonial)

✔️ You’ll learn strategies get testimonials – fast (without having to nag your clients) 

✔️ You’ll learn how to use testimonials in your marketing to maximise sales

I’ll share cheat sheets, checklists and templates you can use to help you create testimonials that sell (collated in a dedicated workbook with detailed notes on the class).