How to generate passive income in your business masterclass



Are you interested in generating passive income for your business?  Developing products/services you can sell online 24/7 – without physically having to be in front of your customer/client.  

If this sounds of interest, the first thing I should say is that no product/service is ever truly passive. But if you’re willing to put the hard work in upfront, it’s absolutely possible to generate income from information products e.g. online courses, memberships, Ebooks, physical products and affiliate marketing.

That’s exactly what I cover in my how to generate passive income in your business masterclass.

Here’s what I’ll cover in this online class:

✔️The different types of information products you can create to generate passive income: online courses, masterclasses/webinars, membership sites, eBooks, books/planners and affiliate marketing 

✔️Choosing the right passive income stream(s) for your business 

✔️Essential tech/tools for creating and marketing passive income products 

✔️Building an audience for a passive income product (how long does it take and how large does your audience need to be)

And you’ll get a bundle of cheat sheets, checklists and swipe files to help you get started .