How to Launch a Playbook For Your Business Masterclass



Would you like to launch a playbook for your business?  A digital download/ebook you can sell that will generate passive income for your business – and help you get recognised as an expert in your industry.

If so, you’ll love my online masterclass on How To Launch A Playbook For Your Business.

In it, I’ll cover: 

✔️How to come up with a really ‘sellable’ idea for your playbook

✔️How long your playbook should be (plus how to price it)

✔️ How to create an attractive design/layout for your playbook (or find someone to do it for you) 

✔️ How to deliver your playbook to your clients as a digital download

✔️ How to use your playbook to attract qualified leads for higher ticket products/services 

PLUS…the most important bit of all: how to build an audience for your playbook, so you actually have people to sell it to.