How to plan and create awesome teaching resources for an online course



In this in-depth masterclass, I’ll walk you through the exact steps you need to take to create awesome teaching resources for an online course.

And I’ll be sharing everything I’ve learned from launching my own membership programme Build Your Online Audience, plus dozens of online courses.

Here’s what you learn in the class:

✔️How to decide on a topic and title for your online course 

✔️How to calculate costs and pricing for your online course 

✔️How to create an outline for your online course (and decide how to break it down into classes/modules) 

 ✔️How to create lesson plans for the classes in your online course (and why you need to) 

✔️ How to create engaging, interactive teaching resources (including workbooks, slides, templates, checklists & swipe files)

✔️How to deliver engaging online classes (and not bore your audience) 

PLUS how to sell your course before you create it. 

You’ll also get tons of cheat sheets, checklists and templates you can use to ensure your online course is a success.