Offline to Online - How To Turn Your In-Person Services Into Online Offerings Masterclass



Want to learn how to take the services you currently deliver in-person and turn them into online offerings?
If that sounds appealing, you need to join my Offline To Online masterclass.
In this 90 minute online masterclass, I’ll show you how to turn your offline services into online/digital offerings e.g. webinars, online courses and ebooks.
In the short-term, this means you won’t physically have to be in front of your clients to add value (invaluable particularly during the current Coronavirus crisis). In the long-term, this will also help you stop trading time for money – so you can spend more time doing the things you love.
Here’s what we’ll cover:
  • How to deliver in-person/offline coaching/consultancy online (without compromising on quality)
  • How to turn your coaching coaching/consultancy programmes into online courses/memberships
  • How to turn in-person workshops into webinars/online masterclasses
  • How to create a digital download you can sell
I’ll also look at how to build an audience for your online offerings (so you actually have people to sell them to).
And you’ll get cheat sheets, checklists and swipe files you can use to get you started.