How to Write Delightful Emails Masterclass



Do ever read a marketing email that is so bloomin’ good you find yourself thinking: how do they do that? 

How do they write copy that grabs you in the first few words and holds your attention right until the very last sentence? 

And why does it sound so damn stylish (compared to yours)? 

If this sounds familiar, please feel reassured that this is generally down to experience rather than talent i.e. they’ve been writing that kind of content for so long, it’s as natural as breathing for them. 

Which means it is absolutely possible to learn how to write engaging email copy. And that’s exactly what I’ll be covering in my How to write delightful emails masterclass on Thursday 21 May at midday (BST). 

Here’s what you’ll learn in the class:

✔️How to use personal stories to generate compelling content ideas (even if you secretly think your life is boring)

✔️How make even the most ‘ordinary’ stories captivating

✔️How to start and end your emails (so you leave readers craving more)

✔️How to write irresistible email subject headers

✔️How to use the P.S. in your email to create engagement (and sales)

Just to be clear, this class isn’t about writing email marketing sequence (I cover that elsewhere in the Build Your Online Audience Programme). It’s about writing individual emails – so it’s more of a writing class than an email marketing class.

The class will last around 90 minutes but please block out two hours in your diary in case we overrun. 

Frequently asked questions

How much is the class?  £97 or free if you have a Premium membership of the Build Your Online Audience programme