LinkedIn Content Strategy Masterclass



Want to get more active on LinkedIn…but feel unsure what you should be posting to attract your ideal clients. 

Perhaps you’re already active on the platform…but you’re frustrated because you’re posting regularly but not getting very much engagement (or making any sales). 

It could be that you previously dismissed LinkedIn as a stuffy, corporate platform but are hearing that the reach is insane right now and want to get in on the act before it’s too late (you’re right to do so, by the way). 

If any of this sounds familiar, you’ll love my online LinkedIn Content Strategy Masterclass masterclass.  

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How to write an effective LinkedIn bio/summary (and why it matters) 
  • What kind of content should you be posting on LinkedIn to attract your ideal client (and how often) 
  • What percentage of your posts  should be directly selling your products/services
  • Tips on getting more engagement on your content (and why engagement is king) 
  • How to creating engaging LinkedIn video content (no fancy kit required)