The Copy Fix



The copy fix: how to write stylish, accurate copy about your business
Do you ever read an ‘about’ page, social media bio or marketing email and find yourself thinking: how do they do THAT?
How do they write stylish, engaging copy about their business – and make it look so easy.
And do you ever find yourself wondering whether your grammar and punctuation is up to scratch.
I mean you think you know how to use an apostrophe, a semi-colon or a hyphen…but sometimes you get a nagging feeling you might be doing it ‘wrong’.
Or maybe you’ve been pulled up by some smart arse who corrected your punctuation and/or grammar…and it kind of knocked your confidence.
If this sounds familiar, come and join my Copy Fix masterclass at midday on Thursday 25 June (and yes there IS a replay if you can’t make it live).
Here’s what we’ll cover:
  • How to create a style sheet for your business (and why you need to)
  • Common grammar and punctuation mistakes small business owners make in their copy (and how to fix them)
  • Commonly misspelled words (and how to avoid them)
  • Things your English teacher taught you that need to stop doing
PLUS I’ll give you a few quick and dirty tips on how to make your writing more stylish. And I’ll share my secret formula(s) for writing the two most important pages on your website (your ‘about’ page and your sales page).
Sound good?

Frequently asked questions

How much is the class?  £97 or free if you have a Premium membership of the Build Your Online Audience programme